Green Consultants

Simple Green Strategies for Sustainable Business Change

Environmental Statement

Green Consultants conducts all of our business activities through the lens of environmental stewardship. We strive to inspire other companies through our own practices and environmental leadership. Our business completed comprehensive green certifications through both Co-op America and the San Francisco Green Business Program. We are one of the first 50 small businesses to join the EPA Climate Leaders Small Business Network and successfully submit our GHG inventory.

Our environmental objectives include:

  • Apply the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle to all our business operations
  • Measure our carbon footprint annually and report our carbon footprint results with authenticity and transparency
  • Achieve net zero U.S. GHG emissions by 2010 and maintain that level through 2012, using a 2009 base year
  • Obtain third-party green certifications to validate our environmental operations
  • Purchase green products from green suppliers and vendors
  • Promote environmental awareness

San Francisco Green BusinessCo-op America Seal of Approval

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