Green Consultants

Simple Green Strategies for Sustainable Business Change

Our Approach and Offerings

Our experienced team works with companies of all sizes to identify environmental business opportunities that catalyze change within your organization. Together we will examine your business through an environmental framework and develop measureable strategies and tactical action plans. With a deep history in corporate change management and cutting edge tools for determining and implementing green strategies, we can help you to take advantage of opportunities in a rapid and cost-effective manner.

We created our proprietary Green Path Methodology™, Toolkit and training programs so companies don't need to "recreate the wheel" and can focus on getting change implemented quickly and effectively instead. Our Green Path Methodology™ starts with strategic planning and takes you through assessment and design, development and implementation, and on to measurement and identification of ongoing improvements.

Perhaps, you already have an internal environmental program underway. Do you feel you have more opportunities, but need additional resources to identify, implement, and gain commitment for them? Contact Green Consultants for a free consultation and fresh perspective. We will work with you to take a step back, identify how you can achieve even better results from your efforts, and determine a new and improved path for moving forward.

Green Consultants Approach & Offerings

  Small Companies
(50 empls.)
Medium Companies
(51-250 empls.)
Large Companies
(250+ empls.)
Green Path Strategy Workshops Recommended Recommended Recommended
Green Path Team Kickoff Workshops   Recommended Recommended
Green Path for Startups Recommended    
Green Corporate Training Programs Recommended Recommended Recommended
Green Your Life Recommended Recommended Recommended
Green Consulting (hourly or retainer) Recommended Recommended Recommended

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