Green Consultants

Simple Green Strategies for Sustainable Business Change

Our Values

Environmental responsibility must make sound business sense

Above all, a green strategic shift must align with your corporate goals and objectives in order to propel your business towards increased profitability.

Credibility is non-negotiable

Engaging in green business requires a new level of operational transparency. Metrics and measurement are critical, as are reporting, verification, and honesty and open communication with stakeholders. This open information sharing builds credibility within the business community, resulting in no 'greenwashing' for you, or us.


Client empowerment

As consultants, our role is to help you chart your course and navigate through the change. We will teach you the skills and provide the tools you need to become self-sufficient. We are successful when we enable and promote your success.

Focus on driving forward without re-creating the wheel

It can feel overwhelming to start a Green Program. Why make it harder by creating all the deliverables to do it from scratch? Our Green Path Methodology™ and Toolkit gets you on your way fast, so you spend the time on the most important thing -- moving your organization towards more environmentally and fiscally optimal business practices.